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4 Reasons Why Dental Implants are Better than Crowns


Repairing or replacing a tooth can often seem like a daunting experience for a patient. Many times you can be left with the choice of replacing a damaged tooth with a dental crown or simply replacing it with a dental implant. While tooth crowning is a viable option for some, the benefits of tooth implants [...]

4 Reasons Why Dental Implants are Better than Crowns2019-02-25T20:37:04+00:00

The 5 Best Remedies to Relieve Wisdom Teeth Swelling and Pain


If your wisdom teeth are coming in, they’re most likely going to be accompanied by significant pain and swelling. There are a few remedies that can help provide wisdom teeth pain relief until you are finally able to have them removed. First, it is important to make sure your wisdom teeth are definitely coming in [...]

The 5 Best Remedies to Relieve Wisdom Teeth Swelling and Pain2018-08-27T12:49:37+00:00

How to Tell If You Have Sleep Apnea


Understanding and Diagnosing Sleep Apnea Sleep disorders can decrease a person’s chances when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep, putting men and women’s quality of life at risk. Some sleep disorders are hereditary, while others are brought on by lifestyle choices and outside factors. Sleep apnea is a common sleep disorder that can [...]

How to Tell If You Have Sleep Apnea2018-08-27T12:58:37+00:00

7 Signs of Oral Cancer


Signs of Oral Cancer to be Aware Of It is believed that well over 50,000 people will be diagnosed with oral cancer in 2018. Additionally, around 10,000 people will die of oral cancer this year. If oral cancer has not spread at the time of detection, 83% of those diagnosed will survive at least five [...]

7 Signs of Oral Cancer2018-08-27T13:00:15+00:00

The Dangers of Waiting to Remove Wisdom Teeth


  No one looks forward to wisdom teeth removal, but for 85% of the population, it is a necessary procedure we all must go through eventually. While waiting as long as possible to get your wisdom teeth removed may seem like a harmless plan, waiting too long can actually cause some serious problems when it [...]

The Dangers of Waiting to Remove Wisdom Teeth2018-03-12T16:51:22+00:00

What are the Advantages of Fixed Dentures?


The teeth are an important structural collection of body parts that make basic everyday function quite easy. It’s these pearly whites that are responsible for the human body to digest and speak properly while upholding your physical appearance in the jaw and other areas of the lower face. The functionalities of the teeth are commonly [...]

What are the Advantages of Fixed Dentures?2018-02-20T16:26:17+00:00

20 Surprising Facts About Teeth


What You Never Knew About Teeth and Dentistry Think you know teeth? Here are 20 different quick, fun, and downright weird pieces of toothy trivia. Fast Facts About Teeth Past surveys by the American Academy of Periodontology indicate that around half of people notice a person’s smile before anything else. Your tooth enamel is the [...]

20 Surprising Facts About Teeth2017-05-08T18:56:04+00:00

Signs of Infection After Oral Surgery


  Most oral surgeries are standard procedures, and with advances in medical care being made every day, infection control practices are the best they’ve ever been. Still, infections do occur once in a while, and as the patient, it is your job to know what to look for so that you can seek follow-up care [...]

Signs of Infection After Oral Surgery2018-11-12T19:52:23+00:00