Accidents involving the teeth happen. It could be that you fractured a tooth as a result of a sporting accident or were involved in a motor vehicle or even bicycle accident, however the accident occurred your oral surgeon can help.

Cracked or chipped teeth account for the majority of tooth injuries resulting from various types of accidents. A tooth becoming dislodged or knocked out is a less frequent injury involving the teeth, but it does happen.

Regardless of the seemingly obvious severity of the injury, any injury involving the oral cavity should be checked out by a dentist, oral surgeon or endodontist as soon as possible after the injury occurs.

Since it is not uncommon for neighboring teeth to also become damaged after an accident, it is therefore important to visit a professional at your earliest convenience following a tooth injury.

Oral surgeons are highly skilled and trained to save and restore teeth that have been injured in an accident. With their advanced technologies, skills and techniques an oral surgeon can help restore your smile to the state it was in prior to your accident, and maybe even fix cosmetic issues that existed before the accident.

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If you have sustained a tooth injury, regardless of the type of accident, it is imperative that you contact your dentist or oral surgeon as soon as humanly possible. Irreversible nerve damage, tooth decay and even tooth and bone loss can result from an injury left untreated.

Since a large portion of what makes up the oral cavity is not visible to the naked eye, it is therefore critical that an exam be administered by a professional immediately following an accident in an effort to prevent future oral health issues.

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